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Trzebinia: From words to action
The IX Synod of the Polish Province of the Salvatorians is concluded. It took place in Trzebinia on November 22-24 this year. The superiors returned to their communities after specific goals have been set. Now they need to be realized in Salvatorian daily life to allow further development and effective ministry.
Trzebinia: From the Synodal Aula
The concelebrated Holy Mass and presided over by Fr. Artan Seli, superior of the Foundation of Albania and Montenegro, with the homily Niven by Fr. Karol Kulczycki, superior of the Canadian Region, initiated the secondo Day of the IX Synod of the Polish Province of the Salvatorians...
Trzebinia: Through your goodness we have this
The IX Provincial Synod of the Polish Province of the Salvatorians has commenced on November 22nd this year in Trzebinia. Its members have been considering the aspect of administration of material goods and discuss diverse important issues relating to the life and activity of the Polish Salvatorians in Poland and other countries...
Fr. Franciszek Rumiński SDS (1939 -2010)
On November 1st 2010 in Katowice, passed away Fr. Franciszek Rumiński (71), Salvatorian missionary.  During his prolonged suffering he still wished to return some day to Africa, to his beloved brothers and sisters in Faith, among whom he lived and worked for 36 years.
Fr. Tadeusz Styczeń SDS (1931 -2010)
Fr. Tadeusz Styczeń was born on December 21st 1931 in Wołowice, district of Kraków. His parents Tadeusz and Anna nee Kapusta, had a little farm and a store. “My parents,” as Fr. Styczeń pointed out, “provided me and my older sister with careful religious and moral education...”
Salvatorian Missions: Missions – Testimony of Love and Comunion
On October 24th the Church in Poland celebrates the World Mission Day. It is the call for the renewal of our involvement in evangelization and greater missionary pastoral activity through supporting missionaries in the whole world in diverse ways. The Salvatorian Foreign Mission Center is committed to encouraging the missionary passion.
Uncompromising Defender of Truth
He was a sensitive person, but at the same time a determined defender of Truth and moral principles. Confreres, family, collaborators and friends attended the Funeral of Our Dearly Departed Confrere Fr. Prof. Tadeusz Styczeń SDS.
Benedykt XVI: Orędzie na Światowy Dzień Misyjny 2010 r.
Październikowe obchody Światowego Dnia Misyjnego stanowią dla wspólnot diecezjalnych i parafialnych, instytutów życia konsekrowanego, ruchów kościelnych i dla całego ludu Bożego okazję do odnowionego zaangażowania w głoszenie Ewangelii i nadania działalności duszpasterskiej głębszego rozmachu misyjnego.
Funeral of Fr. prof. Tadeusz Styczeń SDS
On October 14th 2010 at the Hospital of St. Jadwiga in Trzebnica passed away our Confrere Fr. prof. Tadeusz Styczeń SDS. His funeral will take place on Thursday (October 21st) at 12 o’clock at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Trzebinia. The Solemn Eucharist will be presided over by the Most Eminent Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz.
Trzebinia: 4th National Meeting of Lay Salvatorians
On October 9-10, 2010 in Trzebinia took place the Fourth National Meeting of Lay Salvatorians. They came from Piastów, Bielsko-Biała, Mikuszowice Śląskie, Trzebnica, Oborniki Śląskie, Wrocław, Goczałkowice-Zdrój and Oświęcim (27 lay Salvatorians).
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