Australia: Priestly ordination during COVID-19

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Australia: Priestly ordination during COVID-19

On April 16th 2020 in the Australian Region of Polish Province of the Salvatorians Fr. Paul Tran SDS was ordained to priesthood. Fr. Paul is a member of East Asian Mission Vicariate of SDS. From August 2019 he was working as a deacon in St. Patrick Parish in Gosford, NSW, Australia.

Fr. Paul was supposed to go back to Philippines for his ordination planned on April 18th. His return to Asia was not possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic that spread into the whole world. Fr. Adam Januś SDS, the superior of East Asian Mission Vicariate, after consultation with General Superior of the Society, Fr. Milton Zonta SDS and with Fr. Jerzy Kołodziej SDS, superior of Australian Region, decided that ordination ceremony of Fr. Paul would take place in Australia.

Due to the fact that there are many restrictions because of the pandemic the ceremony was very humble. Just 12 people were there. The ceremony was led by Bishop Antonio Randazzo, the bishop of Broken Bay Diocese, where Fr. Paul was serving as a deacon. The confreres from that part of the country were also present.

The ceremony was broadcasted and about 3000 people were watching it online. In this difficult time of pandemic, when the churches in Australia and in many other countries are closed, this ordination of Fr. Paul gave hope to many people, strengthened their faith and deepened their love to God. Fr. Paul was assigned to be a vicar in St. Patrick Parish in Gosford, NSW. He is a pastoral aid and also helps in broadcasting Holy Masses and in other online activities.

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