Religious formation in the Polish Province of the Salvatorians consists of two levels: elementary formation and continuous formation. The elementary level is realized during Postulate, Novitiate formation and from the time of taking first religious vows. The continuous formation begins with taking of the perpetual religious vows and lasts until the end of life. On each level the love for Our Saviour is the center of one's life. It is expressed in continuous strengthening of unity with Christ, living the Evangelical counsels, and in accordance with the Salvatorian mission.


The Postulate formation lasts two months and takes place in one of the community houses of the Province. It is the time designated for getting acquainted with religious life in the Society. Guided by the Priest, director of the Postulate, the Postulants reflect on their vocation and prepare themselves to make the decision to enter the Novitiate, through prayer, participation in daily Eucharist, work and recreation in community.


The Novitiate formation lasts one year and it is the time of the so-called canonical probation. The Novices try to better understand their vocation and Salvatorian charism. They also are acquainted with requirements and blessings referring to religious vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, for which they continue to prepare themselves and which they take at the end of the Novitiate formation.

By the profession of religious vows one is obliged to keep the three Evangelical counsels (chastity, poverty and obedience) and becomes a member of the Salvatorian Society. After taking first religious temporary vows, those who desire to be religious Brothers enter the Juniorate formation stage. And those for the Priesthood begin their studies of philosophy and theology, which take six years.

Juniorate formation of religious brothers

Juniorate for Religious Brothers takes three years and concentrates on the spiritual and intellectual development. Its first stage takes place in a formation house and the following one consists of apostolic practical training, while taking into account candidate’s predispositions and expectations regarding his future work. The level of Juniorate formation is concluded with taking perpetual vows.

Formation of the seminarians

Formation of the seminarians in the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno offers harmonious formation on spiritual, doctrinal and apostolic level. The alumni should be able to use what they have learned in their future apostolic work.

Spiritual formation supports intellectual formation through daily Eucharist, frequent use of the Sacrament of Penance, devotions and personal prayer, including meditation. The alumni are actively involved in community life and fulfill their duties according to the needs and the rules of the Seminary. Thus they form and strengthen their responsibility for the community they are a part of and of those communities and places they will serve in the future. At the end of the Seminary formation each seminarian defends his Master Degree thesis and is ordained to the Priesthood. Afterwards he receives a Decree indicating the first place of his apostolic ministry.

Continuous formation

Continuous formation supports a religious in strengthening of his union with Christ and remaining faithful to Him. A Salvatorian endeavours to develop his talents and to better know himself in order to fruitfully fulfil tasks entrusted to him in the spirit of the Society: to proclaim the only Saviour with his words and deeds to all those he meets in daily life. Some of the practical elements of the continuous formation include participation in  the reflection day once a month as well as in annual spiritual retreats and other formation meetings consistent with one’s age and duties.

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